Empowering Ohioans: Introducing the Ohio Homebuyer Plus Program

Empowering Ohioans: Introducing the Ohio Homebuyer Plus Program

Published On: February 20, 2024|Categories: Buyers|

In a bold move to bolster homeownership in the Buckeye State, Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague recently unveiled the Ohio Homebuyer Plus program. This initiative, slated to launch today, aims to provide a crucial support system for Ohio residents navigating the increasingly complex landscape of real estate acquisition.

In a statement, Treasurer Sprague highlighted the pressing challenges prospective homeowners face in today’s market, from soaring purchase costs to historically high mortgage rates. Against this backdrop, the Ohio Homebuyer Plus program emerges as a beacon of hope, offering enhanced interest rates to facilitate savings and expedite the path to homeownership.

Operating on the established “linked deposit” model, akin to successful programs like Ag-LINK and Family Forward, Ohio Homebuyer Plus incentivizes individuals to deposit funds into specially designated savings accounts at participating financial institutions. By doing so, accountholders not only benefit from above-market interest rates but may also qualify for state income tax deductions—a win-win scenario for aspiring homeowners.

To be eligible for the enhanced interest savings, participants must meet specific criteria, including being Ohio residents aged 18 or older, maintaining a primary residence within the state, and earmarking the account proceeds exclusively for down payments or closing costs on an Ohio property.

The process is streamlined: prospective homebuyers collaborate with a participating bank or credit union to open an Ohio Homebuyer Plus savings account. These accounts are subject to certain guidelines, including a five-year utilization window, a minimum balance requirement of $100, and a maximum balance cap of $100,000—a prudent measure to ensure equitable access to the program’s benefits.

As of the program’s launch, several financial institutions have pledged their participation, including The Community Bank, Farmers & Merchants Bank, and KEMBA Financial Credit Union, among others. This initial roster is expected to expand in the coming weeks, with updates available on the Ohio Treasurer’s website.

The real estate community has welcomed the Ohio Homebuyer Plus program with open arms. Ohio REALTORS 2024 President Ali Whitley lauded the initiative for addressing a significant barrier to homeownership: down payments. By facilitating easier savings, the program promises to bring the dream of homeownership within closer reach for countless Ohioans.

Prospective homebuyers keen on exploring the benefits of the Ohio Homebuyer Plus program can find comprehensive information on the Treasurer’s official website, including eligibility criteria and a list of participating financial institutions.

In essence, the Ohio Homebuyer Plus program stands as a testament to the state’s commitment to fostering homeownership and economic prosperity. By empowering individuals to overcome financial hurdles and embark on the journey to homeownership, Ohio is laying the groundwork for stronger communities and brighter futures.

For more information about the Ohio Homebuyer Plus program, visit [ohiotreasurer.gov/homebuyerplus](ohiotreasurer.gov/homebuyerplus).


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