New Year New Home 2020

New Year New Home 2020

Published On: January 7, 2020|Categories: Homeowners|

Happy  New Year! As we welcome in 2020, some homeowners may be considering listing their homes for sale. There are many factors that influence a home selling, how fast a home sells and at what price it will sell. With spring around the corner and the peak of the market, we want to share some tips that could help your home sell quickly and at your desired price.

Tip #1 This first tip can easily be overlooked but makes a difference when a home buyer comes to your home looking to buy. That is – decluttering and deep cleaning. These two go hand-in-hand and can completely alter the appearance and appeal of your home. When it comes to decluttering, starting with one room at a time will help you from becoming overwhelmed. Remember to keep only what you absolutely can not live without or holds importance can be helpful. There are lots of online videos and shows on decluttering, watch a few to get inspired. Storage bins and labels can be utilized for organization which will come in handy when your home sells and it’s time for your move. Deep cleaning is important so that home buyers can imagine themselves living in the home. An unkept or cluttered space will not present your home in the best light and home buyers could be deterred by odor, dust or other uncleanliness.

Tip #2 Fresh paint on both the interior or exterior. Although it is just paint and can be easily changed, having bright or wild paint colors on or in the home can make a home buyer look away. When listing your home for sale, it is best to stick with neutral colors that are inviting to home buyers. Again, you want the home buyer to be able to picture themselves living in the home with their belongings. Adding fresh paint to a home will also make a home feel newer and more updated. Dull paint can sometimes make a home feel drab even if its neutrals. There’s something about a fresh coat of paint that really brings a house to life.

Tip #3 Curb appeal is what will catch the eye of home buyers and spark their interest in your home. Since it’s what buyers see first, it is especially important to keep the front of your home maintained, welcoming and fresh. Some ways you can do this is by adding greenery and updated landscaping, adding planters and minimal decor to your front porch, fresh door paint, updated outdoor lighting or even new mailbox numbers. These small details could be the update your home needs to spark interest in someone looking for their new home sweet home.

One bonus tip that can ensure your home sells this spring is pairing with the right agent for you. The USA-1 team is ready for the new year and ready to help you sell your home! Reach out today (740) 927-3400.